Mary Sherry

Mary Sherry is a consultant specialising in the optimisation of her clients’ performance.
Her clients can be any organisation or individual seeking to improve their performance, and have previously included the full range of sectors and types, ranging from large Multinationals on the FTSE 100, SME’s, Public sector bodies, Sports teams, individuals and entrepreneurs.

Mary optimises her clients’ performance by delivering a Performance Culture that is owned and valued by the client at all levels. A Performance Culture exists when all parts of an organisation are singularly focussed on delivering the best of themselves, in the pursuit of the achievement of a commonly agreed objective. An Organisational Psychologist with 20 years practical experience running her own business, Mary is uniquely adept at asking the right questions of her clients to understand their reality and current culture, and proposing and implementing innovative solutions to create a Performance Culture tailored to their needs, bypassing the obstacles that limit their performance.

Mary has an unblemished track record of successful delivery, and is often brought in to assist with situations which are considered untenable, and where others have failed to provide a solution. As a result clients are happy to provide endorsements, both of the fundamental difference Mary makes, and of her trusted and compassionate character. Engaging Mary as a consultant will significantly improve performance at an individual and organisational level.


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