Supporting companies to define, explore and grow new markets internationally.

Over the last 15 years I have had the chance to support some very successful businesses to identify new international market opportunities for their products and services. International markets are critical factor for company growth as we move away from the global financial crisis of the last few years. Sales stagnation, market saturation, commoditization of margins and the opportunity to exploit new technology and IPR are just a few of the driving factors why companies seek profitable growth from new international markets.

However, the road to new international markets is littered with overspent budgets, broken promises and poorly planned expensive expeditions. The data mountain can be huge, local contacts are vital and you must understand cultural differences. Establishing relationships based on trust and respect is essential.

One company had reached a plateau in the growth curve and we were able to help them identify markets in fifteen countries. By establishing a strategic approach we were able to build new companies in each of these targets. Another company was looking to take its technology into India to ensure a good return on the R&D that has taken place in the UK. Another success.

If you are considering export or you want to grow your export income profitably please get in touch and we can talk through your vision. Similarly if you are looking to bring your products into the UK we are able to help you secure a UK base.

Contact us now, we want to become part of your solution.