Employment Growth

All employment growth solutions start with an analysis of the dynamics in a region at a micro and macro level that looks at; economic trends, new employment hot spots, declining industrial sectors, natural resources and the availability for government and private sector investment. The study should look at travel to work patterns, community leaders, key stakeholders, skill and education levels and how unemployed people are consulted about their return to the labour market. These dynamics always tell a story. Once the story is told, shared and understood then the process can start to pull together a shared vision for how employment can be grown and jobs can be created for the unemployed people in the community. Now innovation can start to develop solutions for where we are today and where we want to be in the future, rather than being stuck in the past.

We work at the macro and the micro level of research and planning. We engage the private sector and develop sector cluster groups. We bring together the many parts of the public sector behind a single plan. We partner with the strength of the NGO and charitable sectors. We reach out and engage communities who perhaps feel excluded from the policy and planning process.

We are engineers and designers of innovative front line public sector services. For example; we design solutions in India at a state level for many millions, we design bespoke unique solutions for street cobblers in Pakistan, we are invited by new administrations in Lithuania to form new policies and autonomous regions of Spain to tackle youth unemployment at 52%.

We manage and deliver projects at a strategic and tactical level. From interim directors to project teams on the ground we are spread from Sydney to Beijing and from South Africa to Madrid. The results are transformational. Reducing unemployment to those most at risk, bringing sustainable employment that moves benefit recipients to tax payers and lifts families out of poverty.

We look forward to you contacting us to start the discussion.