Enterprise Growth

Without the growth of new small enterprises and the development of the existing stock of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) it is hard to rely on the upswing of the economy or massive inward investment to produce the new jobs required to absorb unemployed people. At its roots self-employment is a risky business. Where to find the niches in existing markets that can be exploited, understanding book keeping, marketing, pricing, financing and taxation is tough, particularly if you are under capitalised to start with.

We use a big tool kit of global innovations, from life style business start ups, to self employment, from craft based start ups to technology university spin outs, from single person start ups to high growth team based start ups, from VC backed start up to social enterprise nurturing and development. We have businesses that can start in prison to young enterprise that begins in schools at the age of 7 years old.

The outcome is always the same. Sustained strong business start-ups that produce employment opportunities for many years. Community confidence is best fed on a diet of renewal and growth with opportunity and access for everyone. Enterprise development can bring that sense to households who may have long lost a stake in their own community.

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