Personal Growth

Sadly few of us ever become the leaders we know we could be. We may have the academic achievement but something is lacking. We learn to delegate and manage our time better, we even learn to do our staff appraisals but something is missing. We continue to climb the hierarchy of our organisations but there is an emptiness that leads to doubt and stress. The world moves so fast that “coping” with change is a problem not a strength. Sadly as we climb the corporate ladder it’s a lonely place and the chances to seek help become less and less, you are the leader now, you should know it all.

I have worked alongside great people who never fulfilled their leadership potential. I have seen good people chewed up by the demands and internal politics of their job. I have watched talented people leave organisations to take lesser roles just so that they felt less exposed.

But then I have seen some leaders command respect, leaders who have a vision for the future and (critically) they can take their teams with them. I adore watching leaders speak and generate momentum behind new ideas. Leaders who care, know themselves and their teams become winners. In the NGO and Charitable sector there are amazing leaders who can motivate and enthuse unpaid teams to tackle some of the toughest social issues. I have worked with business leaders who can turn around companies and sustain incredible growth. And in government too, I have met leaders in the civil service who know what needs to be done and can make it happen on a national scale, working alongside charismatic politicians who have a vision and will battle to do what is right.

The partners I have brought together here have the talents to bring out your leadership skills and potential. They are diverse, international and use different tools to help you be the leader we have been waiting for.

When I am working with an individual to support their growth and develop their leadership style I don’t use Guru models, colour matching or the  Dartmoor wilderness to help a senior person to grow. I leave that style of coaching for others. I prefer to listen, intently seeking to understand the world from your perspective. Then finding the barriers together and the opportunities where real value can be extracted through the adoption of some new personal strategies. Critically helping you to understand their are choices for how you behave and the way you can enhance your leadership toolkit.

Contact me directly if you would like to have a confidential discussion about building your leadership style.