Arie has a vast successful experience in designing, setting up, managing and consulting at successful employability programs both in Israel and other countries.At the same time Arie is an expert in the Israeli labor and employment fields, successfully experienced with negotiation with Government units, legislators, local authorities and ngo’s aiding multinationals which  need an insider view of the Israeli labor and employment network.With a background of serving in executive HRM positions in some of the largest multinational employers in Israel, Arie managed and led HRM and cross-cultural aspects of M&A and due-diligence.He set up an HR services company which developed and operated special vocational and employability skills centers for the Former Soviet Union immigrants to Israel. During this period he developed the business into a MSP (Managed-Services-Provider) and RPO (Recruitment-process-outsourcing).

Arie visited employability program operators in New-York, UK and Europe, learning the different methods and policies and specializing in W2W (Welfare to Work) programs.

In 2003 Arie was instrumental in preparing the winning proposal for the pilot program in Israel, later being seconded to become the CEO of Agens-Israel thus turning it into the most successful operator in the pilot program.  This made Arie and his teams win the “Outstanding HR National Award” for their impact on the region employment.

Since 2010Arie is a consultant in programs to help people prosper through employability. He is involved in preparing proposals for governments in Former Soviet Union and Latin America as well as designing and introducing employment programs on the “open-market” to immigrants, ultra-religious and people with disabilities.

Arie is also a member of the employment research committee at the Taub Center and a board member of the Israeli Career Counseling Association.

Arie speaks and works fluently in English Spanish and Hebrew.

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