Howard Foster

Howard Foster is a media trainer, award-winning television producer and director and journalist with 35 years experience of getting important stories out to the world. Almost ten years with the world’s toughest crime-fighting TV series, The Cook Report, earned him international accolades – and death threats from the IRA and the Chinese Triads! He can help your enterprise in many ways.

Media Training – devising tailor-made training courses for everyone – from general staff to board of directors level. Working closely with you to give your people the confidence to handle the media and get the all-important message across to help your business or department succeed.

Corporate Filming – whatever it is you want to tell the world about what you do, Howard can help. We’ll sit down with you and make a plan. Before we film anything, we’ll talk it through with you and make sure you’re happy. The filming will be done by top professionals using broadcast-quality kit. We’ll edit the film and deliver it in the format you want.

Training Filming – nothing gets the message across like a well-explained short film shown to your workforce at a time to suit you and them. We’ll make sure you get a professional product using high-end equipment and experienced professional crews in a format that you want – online, on the intranet or as a DVD.

Written Content – whether it’s advising on how to set up an online or printed staff newspaper or providing the content itself – we can help. We have experienced journalists on hand to do the research and get that all-important copy into shape.

Web Channels – it’s the communication tool of the future and it need not cost a fortune. Imagine having your own television channel with tailor-made films, in-studio discussions and viewer input with edited highlights available on podcast to be listened to on your smartphone at a time to suit the audience. Howard Foster is at the forefront of web channel provision with several successful projects already under his belt.


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