Jacques Dahan is an experienced consultant in growth strategies, in France, Europe and international markets. He was the Head of International Business Development for the Public Sector at BPI Group, a global management & HR consulting firm.

With over 25 years experience, Jacques has successfully managed innovative projects aimed at stimulating Human Capital development, economic and employment development, business restructuring, business creation, job creation, implementation of corporate social responsibility schemes. He has also carried out numerous studies and evaluations of European Structural Funds and of Community Programs for the European Commission.


For Jacques, preparing, implementing, and driving change, both at a corporate and individual level, in partnership with local stakeholders, thus achieving business success through people, is a question of key importance in strategies for a sustainable economic growth.


Therefore, Jacques helps and advises national, regional and local authorities, international institutions, companies and the stakeholders, in Change management:

– HR strategies, human capital development, CSR schemes

– Active Labour Market Policies and Employment policies: innovative training schemes, job creation, modernization of the public employment services, providing services to labour market access and integration of disadvantaged target groups

– Local economic development, social dialogue:  design and implementation of Private-Public Partnerships; employment and business growth, business creation, and microcredit.


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