Lesley’s key interests lie in capacity building.  With over 30 years’ experience in the fields of further and higher education, she has worked within the UK and in Northern and Eastern Europe, with individuals and communities, helping people to optimise their skills and capabilities in fulfilling and productive ways. Her approach is as facilitator, an ‘inside-out’ one, the key to successful development being volition.

Lesley has taught, researched, published and consulted in a range of topics associated with the development of sustainable rural tourism.  For DfID and World Bank initiatives, she has worked with communities in Romania and Bulgaria, creating products and services that build local economies and sustain traditional skills and ways of life, balancing development to meet the needs of a range of stakeholders.  For 10 years, she has been a regular contributor to Häme Polytechnic’s international development programmes in Finland, and has researched and lectured in Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

In addition, Lesley has expertise in the application of education to vocational training.  For almost a decade, she has worked as an educational adviser to commercial organisations that want to move in-house training towards the provision of high-quality, lifelong learning for employees that is nationally accredited but that also delivers against commercial objectives. This role includes the creation of bespoke learning materials that make learning practical and relevant. Such advisory work requires the management of a delicate balance between the needs of business and those of standards authorities but it can result in powerful programmes that generate productive workforces with transferable skills.

Lesley’s personal passion for yoga (she is a qualified yoga instructor) blends well with her professional interests and competences.  She has just co-launched a new company, Myoga Limited, dedicated to helping individuals to personalise a practice that delivers amazing benefits – psychological and spiritual as well as physical.  This, too, is about capacity-building and is an empowering process.

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