Who we are?

Roy Newey Growth Partnership started with me, Roy Newey. In the history section I set out my journey, who I am, where I started from and how I have ended up where I am today.

Importantly the energy in the business today comes from the partners who have agreed to work with me to drive solutions forward on a global basis. Read their stories, connect with them and start a discussion by clicking on their details.

Who we are is a reflection of the work we have done to date and the customers who have supported us every step of the way. Some of the environments we have chosen to work in are not the easiest, but we are not the sort of people who go looking for easy jobs. Some of our projects have enjoyed tough times and it is only the strength of the people you have around you who “get you through”. Many thanks to all the partners and customers and clients who have supported us through some of those tough projects.

More import than who we are is the question – Who will we become?

I hope you will become part of the answer to that question.