International Experience

The Growth Partnership has many years of international experience across many countries, sectors and communities. Today as a team we are reach around the globe, implementing new financial card payment systems for the poorest in society, delivering measurable impact on the streets of Pakistan for micro enterprise development and job creation which wards off the ills of young people being sucked into a world of terror. We have worked in Russia post the breakup and disintegration of the old regime to bring sustenance to excluded families. Our work takes us to exotic sites to set up projects on Bondi Beach Australia for homeless and lost young people. We have worked with students seeking education in Malaysia and the farms in Anglesey recovering from foot and mouth disease. Working with religious groups to support the elderly and NGOs delivering innovation into prisons in Africa. Our research team tracks customer satisfaction for the chemical giants of Asia and building networks of childcare provision to meet the needs of working families.

Our work demands detached strategic review, it demands a huge library of cultural and global benchmarked solutions and financing models, which can be drawn down into new local circumstance. We also have the unique talent of delivering on the ground. We live in the field, we earn respect and trust from the diverse communities we seek to serve.

Our work is also focused at the cutting edge of technology helping UK companies maximise the commercial opportunities which exist in International markets. Clean water technology, waste management and the hospitality sector are just three areas we are developing profitable business for now.

We value the chance to work with existing national, regional and local organisations to bring about change which is locally owned and understood.

Our credibility is built on the fact that we learn every day, new ways, new lens, new filters, new paths to follow, and a different music to dance to. Our work and ability to be part of a change grows with each project  to which we commit. Our diversity and excellence can only be sustained through the incredible experts who commit to be part of those global teams and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work. We will soon celebrate 20 years of collective international work.

I hope we will get the chance to partner with you on your vision over the next 20 years.