Roy Newey Growth Partnership

Roy has led the Growth Partnership international expansion from the UK into the EU, Middle East, Africa, India and Australia. Roy is currently working with policy makers in India, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Zambia and Spain to address labour market challenges.   Roy is a regular speaker on skills, employment issues, education and entrepreneurship. Together with representatives of other social enterprises and NGOs Roy is involved in the UN Disability agenda.   Roy has a real passion for the role skills can play in alleviating poverty in India and he was delighted to be invited to join the UKIBC board in 2009. From this base he has led the inception of the UK India Skills Forum and brought together more than 700 UK skills organisations that wish to trade and participate in the India Skills Mission to provide vocational training to 500 million people by 2022.

Roy Newey | Speeches

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   June 2012

UKIBC UK India Employability Skills: An Employers perspective moderated Q&A session and gave an overview of the skills landscape in the UK

Diamond Jubilee Common Wealth Economic Forum Shaping Capitalism for Global Prosperity and Sustainable growth – Speech on SME’s in Job creation


   May 2012

India Uk Skills and Training Partnerships conference at University College London (UCL) Roy spoke at the inaugural session with ministers


   May 2012

Leader Speaker Series of the India Business Club at Imperial College London –discussing global experience as part of our Leadership Speaker Series


   March 2012 | Bilbao Spain

Creativity Meeting Point – 3 day international forum ‘ RNGP Innovation’


   May 2012 | London

Building the Knowledge Economy – Education & Training in the MENA Region BIS Conference Centre, London: Monday 12th March Roy Newey, Founder , RNGP, “Developing Skills and Employability – RNGP’s Global Experience”


   January 2012 | Algeria – Algers

Roy presenting RNGP’s global experience at TVET conference on showcasing UK expertise


   December 2011 | Bagdora, INDIA

Roy on Panel at conference – to kick start skills agenda and planning for the region with Mr. Dilip Chenoy (CEO & MD of National Skill Development Corporation) and government, Edexcel, ILFS and other skills developers, NGO’s and local leaders


   October 2011 | LONDON

London Asia Youth Symposium ‘Urbanisation, Unemployment and Anomie, Getting to the Heart of Social Violence’


   October 2011 | Perth

Commonwealth Business Forum Perth – Engaging Communities through Jobs & Careers Chair: Andrew Forrest, Chairman, Fortescue Metals Group Limited Roy Newey Founder , RNGP Professor Marcia Langton, Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, The University of Melbourne HE Patrick Yakowa, Governor of Kaduna, Nigeria


   September 2011 | Madrid, SPAIN

Meeting with MP Chris Grayling & Spanish State SecretaryThe role of the Private Sector UK Public Employment Services Sustainable jobs for unemployed people


   September 2011 | New Delhi, INDIA

FICCI Global Skills summit– speaking on Vocational Education in schools

June 2011 | Spectator Magazine
“The Anglo Indian Summit investing in each other’s futures” Panel session for opportunities for British Industry


   June 2011 | Chandigarh (Punjab), INDIA

Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), EduSummit 2011. Roy was one of the distinguished members of the panel discussion titled ‘School & Vocational Education: Strengthening the Link’


   June 2011 | London, UK

TVET UK event Speech on JETCO UK India Skills Forum


   June 2011 | London, UK

Doing Business with India conferenceLondon Speaker Skills and Human resource Development


   April 2011 | Manchester, UK

UKISF/JETCOEducation in India Roy spoke on Securing the Demographic Dividend


   March 2011|Manchester, UK

UKIBC Annual Summit– Roy spoke in the session on skills and education,  presenting RNGP successes in India


   March 2011|ZAMBIA

International Business Advisory Council VII Policy options for generating employment and reducing poverty. Roy spoke on ‘Local private sector perspective’


   February 2011 | Riga, LATVIA

Roy led a workshop in EU house with with representatives from government, social partners, non-governmental organisations, media, presenting solutions to unemployment in Latvia


   December 2010 | New York

Expanding RNGP’s Service Footprint – ‘Why Public Sector Consulting?’


   13th-14th November 2010 | Brussels, BELGIUM

Employment week keynote speaker


   November 2010 |London, UK

Roy was a speaker at the CII & Ministry of External Affairs, “India Inclusive Growth” conference– as a panelist on the Panel discussion, “Inclusive Growth: Sharing best Practices”


   November 2010 | Birmingham, UK

Roy took part in the World Congress of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnicsin Birmingham, chairing the session “Working with India”


   November 2010 |Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Roy spoke at the Global Business Leaders conferencein the session on Entrepreneurship, Skills and Leadership from Emerging Markets about his experience in India


   October 2010 | Chongqing, CHINA

Roy was a keynote speaker, at the British Council invitation, at the China-UK Summit Forumon Employment and Transfer Training for Migrant Workers


   October 2010 | London, UK

During the Commonwealth Partnerships Forum, Roy participated as a panel speaker in the session “Partnerships for Education, Skills and Training”


   October 2010, London, UK

Asian Business Summit – keynote speaker Sustainable Asia – How can education keep pace with the demand from the business sector?”on 13thOct 2010


   October 2010 | New Delhi, INDIA

Roy participated in the Commonwealth Games Forum, and was a keynote speaker in the session Building Business Linkages between India and Commonwealth Countries, presenting RNGP journey to starting operate in India


   July 2010 | Manchester, UK

Roy invited by UKTI to speak at the Doing Business in Asiaevent, presenting to businessmen from all around the UK the key to being successful in India


   May 2010 | Nuremberg, GERMANY

Roy presented the customer journey to Mr Clever, CEO of the German Employment Agency

April 2010
Roy spoke at the iMOVE Seminar: German and British educational exports – exchange of experiences and cooperation opportunities on „Global best practice, local delivery”, using RNGP as an example of successful exports of solution from the UK to Germany


   April 2010 | New Delhi, INDIA

Roy was invited to speak at the CII National Rural Development Summiton Prime Contracting model as possible solution to India skills challenge and significance of innovation and convergence in policy delivery


   March 2010 | London, UK

Roy took part as a panel speaker in the conference launch of the Education in Indiareport organised by UKIBC, showing his expertise in the market


   March 2010 | London, UK

Roy was invited as key speaker to UKIBC Skills Forum, to share his expertise on Indian Skills Market and the route of RNGP to the recent success – contract with Ministry of Rural Development


   February 2010 | London, UK

Roy presented at the JETCO/UKIBC Ministerial Summit, attended by Lord Mandelson, on Prime Contracting model as best practice applicable in India.


   December 2009, in  Madrid, SPAIN

Roy spoke on Global best practice, local delivery using example of private welfare to work services at the UKIBC conference on UK Employment Services model, delivered to the Spanish employment services officials      


   November 2009 | Trinidad & Tobago

Roy was one of the speakers at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago


   September 2009 | New Delhi, INDIA

Roy was an invited speaker to the CII Global Skills Summit, speaking on Collaboration and Innovation in Skills Enhancement, presenting the global best practice examples of innovative cooperation in the training and skills sector

   August 2009 | New Delhi, INDIA

Roy spoke on International Best practices in Vocational training at the FICCI conference, showing the British and global best practice examples witnessed, experienced and run by RNGP


   July 2009 | Istanbul, TURKEY

During the EOI conference he was a keynote speaker on Employment Diminishes Civil Unrest; RNGP’s International perspective, presenting examples of riots and unrest resulting from poverty and exclusion, and showing the RNGP vision for combating these issued


   June 2009 | Brussels, BELGIUM

During Employment Week conference in Brussels, he spoke on Global responses to the financial crisis and their impact on workforce and individuals, presenting an analysis of global government’s reactions to the crisis and the key sectors identified to boos the economy, highlighting the human cost of the crisis – growing hunger, poverty and unemployment


   April 2009 | Poland

Roy accepted award for the Best EU Funded projectin Poland, awarded by British Polish Chamber of Commerce, speaking about A4e aim of improving people’s lives – everywhere


   March 2009 | Poland

Roy spoke at the Polish parliament at a PPP conference on PPP in British social services – experiences of RNGP, where he presented the latest and most successful PPP initiatives in Skills and Education and the role RNGP played in them


   January 2009 | Singapore

Roy was an international panel speaker at the session Plenary 2: OUTSOURCING SERVICES of the APPAM conference Asian Social Protection in Comparative Perspective, talking about the role of private welfare to work companies in the UK, contracted by the government to support the unemployed


   December 2008 |New Delhi, INDIA

Roy was invited to chair Plenary Session II: Need for Vocational education and role of Public Private Partnership at the Confederation of Indian Industries conference, where he opened the discussion by presenting the British PPP best practice examples in the Skills and Education sector


   October 2008 | South Africa

Roy spoke at the conference co-organized by GIBS (The Gordon institute of business science) and RNGP on Global solutions for Africa, presenting the diagnosis of the current situation in South Africa, concentrating mostly on the bad situation of young NEETs – youth Not in Employment, Education or Training


   October 2008 | Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Roy presented at the ICPA International Corrections and Prisons Association annual International Conference on RNGP Khulisa Partnership – Reducing Recidivism and Improving Peoples Lives, covering the innovative joint project aimed at supporting the offenders to re-integrate into society in South Africa


   September 2008 |New Delhi, INDIA

During the Confederation of Indian Industry Global Summit on Skills Development he chaired the session Global Perspective on Skills – The Industry – Skills Connect and spoke on Global best practices: Learning’s for Indiabased on British best practice examples of accommodating the industry’s demand for skills


   August 2008 | Australia

Roy spoke at the NESA Working Communities International Congress – first shared International Reflections on developing policy based on RNGP experience in exporting best policy solutions, and also co-led a workshop on Reintegrating Juvenile Offenders into SocietyBringing community into the prisons and prisons into the community, where he presented the joint project of RNGP and Khulisa to support ex-offenders in South Africa to join the society.


   March 2008 | India

Roy spoke at the Rural Development Summit, Delhi as international guest speaker in the panel ‘Imparting Skills, Empowering People’ talking about Skills Initiatives in the UK and the part RNGP played in them


   March 2008 | Washington, USA

Roy invited to speak at the World Bank in Washington on Forming effective partnerships with NGOs and private sector to move long term unemployed people back to work, presenting the experiences of RNGP in collaboration with the private and third sector for the common goal of improving people’s lives


   September 2007 | NIGERIA

Roy presented at four Management Express Forums on the topic ’Discovering Your Potential for Financial Success’


   June 2007 | Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Roy spoke as international panel speaker at the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development, Fourth Annual Conference held in Johannesburg under the theme of Achieving excellence through private education