Current Roles

I add real value when I get the chance to work alongside business leaders who want to grow their companies. I bring my wide international track record, networks, understanding of the public sector procurement and politics and drive up the energy levels of the senior team through my coaching and mentoring style of support. Doors are opened, networks shared and the energy I bring enables the senior team to grasp the opportunities in front of them. Below is an example of how I am currently delivering this role.

Chairman Mustard Research

Leading a team of incredibly talented researchers who operate at the highest levels. They secure, interpret and report on customer feedback, customer insights and trends in customer behaviour for a large selection of global companies. They are seen as innovative, creative and uniquely talented in their sectors; Financial Services, Public Sector, Retail, Chemicals, Healthcare and Education & Skills.


I was very proud to be invited to take on the Chairman role for supports Chief Executives, Boards and Executive teams in achieving their ambitions. Set up by Pete Ashby in April 2012, offers challenging facilitations and coaching for top team development. Currently launching a new international series of events for business leaders in Windsor Castle, asking what more leaders should be doing to release the shared ambitions of their teams and accelerate economic growth. Has already achieved a national profile for itself through its ebook on the vices and virtues of exceptional leaders and its authoritative leadership blog. The website also offers a unique FeedFORWARD script backed up by coaching videos, for top Executives to invite “forward feedback” to support them in achieving their leadership ambitions.

Chairman Joint Economic Trade Committee India (Education and Skills)

This is a UK government appointment to chair these trade talks and seek greater trade between the UK and India. I accompanied the Prime Minister David Cameron on both of his visits to India to lead on the skills and education opportunities. I have also led many trade missions to India including four with the Secretary of State for Business UK.

Non Executive Director Winning Pitch

I was really thrilled to be invited to take on the role of Non Executive Director at Winning Pitch, they are an exciting company making a real difference to the capacity of SME’s so that they can grow and create employment. Winning Pitch is a specialist provider of high growth coaching services. We are a research led business with a passion for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to realise their full potential and achieve levels of growth way above the norm.

Our tailored coaching services are underpinned by specialist high growth methodologies containing a suite of practical tools proven to deliver transformational performance – well defined business strategy, clear supporting implementation plans, enhanced sales, innovative approaches to changing markets, organisational and leadership excellence as well raising finance. A team of specialists all of whom have lived the growth journey and are passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive delivers the support.

In recent years we have worked with over 5,000 businesses, including high potential start -ups, growth SMEs and FTSE listed companies. With the addition of the Sales Skills Academy they are bring young people into a life long career in sales with skills and knowledge; professionalising the industry and changes lives. If we can help you, please get in touch.

Non Executive Director Pitman Group Training

I serve Pitman Training Group as a non executive director. Pitman have been established for 175 years providing high quality vocational training through their unique system of online, audio and workbooks. Now delivering value in eight countries through over 100+ centres, Pitman manages to secure aspirational jobs for more then 77% of customers. The Pitman branding is known worldwide and we are now expanding internationally including a major market entry into India. Recently we have expanded into a further six countries.

Non Executive Director The Digital College

The Digital College offer NCFE accredited online training video courses. It offers a smarter easier way to learn available 24 hours a day. Courses are easy to take and accreditation available on successful completion. Using new technology to make learning accessible to learners so they can learn where and when they want. Established in the UK we are now taking the business global starting with India. We are already commissioning new products to suit the Indian market. We are always interested to hear from potential franchisees who wish to use this model internationally.

Board Director The UK India Business Council

The Board of the UKIBC is led by Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt. The CEO is Richard Heald. As a board member we guide and direct the UKIBC team to promote the enhancement of trade opportunities for UK companies in India. Specifically I lead the Skills and Education sub group. I have made over 160 visits to India to develop UK business opportunities.

Chairman UK India Skills Forum

Promoting trade opportunities in India for UK skills and education providers. We are building substantial commercial opportunities for the 700 skills providers who are signed up to the UKISF. Following a trade mission in September 2012 with the Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt we have opened a number of new opportunities in Hyderabad and Kolkata. I was asked to accompany the Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010 and 2013 to India as a skills adviser. I also joined the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Science for many trade missions to India.

Founding Partner Growth Partnership

As the founding partner of the Growth Partnership it has been my privilege to draw together the best consultants and practitioners I have met from the last 20 years working as an international consultant. I am very proud of my team and the work they do around the world. As the founder of the Growth Partnership it would be easy (but no fun) to sit in my ivory tower. However, I insist on taking active clients and working alongside them as they tackle their agendas of growth and personal development. Using my networks and experience I am working with approximately 8 companies to support their company growth plan and support the senior team with 1:1 mentoring and coaching support. If you have a growth opportunity you would like to discuss or you feel confidential 1:1 please contact me direct.