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Leadership Club

Leadership Club

Develop your growth leadership style!

The leader of a growth business has to set the vision and direction for the company to follow. This requires insight and drive to spot the route to growth. It also requires tremendous energy and passion to drive and inspire the teams who will fight on the front line. This club will focus on the leadership skills, talents, style and knowledge required by leadership to operate in todays competitive markets. We will look at ways to develop trust in your teams, lead by example, offer servant led leadership, how to balance entrepreneurialism with protecting the business from risk. To manage is no longer a recipe to survive, we must be able to lead growth if our businesses are going to be sustainable.

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

We will help you by

Unlimited email support

You will be able to email me direct, throughout for any support or queries you may have.

Zoom Calls

Each month you will join myself & many other like minded individuals as we discuss current issue and solutions as well as learn from each other.

Access to all of my resources and forums

Over the last 40 years I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believe you can only learn from actually doing the things I have done. Therefore I have put all of this knowledge into many different formats such as training videos, power-points, books and blogs for you to access whenever you want

Mastermind sessions

Each quarter we you will be invited to attend my masterclass event. This is an intense deep dive into how we can really accelerate our growth. The day will be filled with training which we will then give you to work on in the next month.

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