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Specialist Areas

The following are areas where I can add the most value

Growth Support

I can help you achieve accelerated growth and sustainable profits. I come across many companies who are not growing but want to grow. I grew my business to £180,000,000 in revenue leading a great team of dedicated staff.  This was by no means easy and it took every ounce of energy, but it was all worth it. I have encountered the same problems and hurdles that you face, this is why my experience and knowledge is so useful for businesses as you take this journey. I know what to look out for and how to solve the problems, I had to solve them for myself but I now take great joy in helping other businesses achieve the same level of growth only faster and with less stress. 

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Boosting Sales Team Results

The sales team is especially important to any business who want to grow and expand. As business owners and leaders we have to trust our staff to sell our products and services each day in order to hit our targets and goals we set. I have leaned the importance of building a strong sales team who are motivated each day to smash their targets and actively want to reach their full potential. Helping them to feel a sense of pride and belief in themselves whilst performing their job. If you think that your sales team needs more structure and support in order to grow, or even that you already have a great team but you want to set more ambitious goals then reach out and let me help you and your to team to surpass these targets.

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Leadership Training

Too often I see staff looking for guidance and support from their senior management team and if they are unable to find it then they lose confidence in themselves and and their business. This is not the senior management teams fault as being a great leader is not easy. I get asked all the time what makes a great leader and how they can be one. This gives me great confidence as the individual has already accepted the fact they need to develop these vital skills in order to get the most out their business. I now work one to one with key into key individuals to help them become the best leader they can for their staff and business.

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HR Consultancy

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) I have spent many years driving the people productivity I support companies with:

  • Practical advice to boost employee engagement

  • 360 feedback tools for leaders and sales

  • Organisational redesign

  • People Growth Pains

  • Support to make tough decisions

  • Cost effective recruitment

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