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Specialist Areas

Growth Support

I can help you achieve accelerated growth and sustainable profits. I have encountered many companies that are not growing but want to grow.


I grew my business from £3m to £180m in revenue, leading a great team of dedicated staff.  This was by no means easy, and it took every ounce of energy, but it was all worth it.


I have encountered the same problems and hurdles you face, which is why my experience and knowledge are so helpful for businesses as they take this journey. I know what to look out for and how to solve problems.


I had to solve them for myself, but I now take great joy in helping other businesses achieve the same level of growth, only faster and with less stress. 


Many businesses try to grow using the same strategy for several years. However, the world is changing at an increasing pace. Very quickly, USPs become dull. Unfortunately, developing a new strategy can become daunting; confusion sets in. I have a simple, proven process for facilitating senior teams in identifying a clear strategy for accelerated sustainable growth.

Once we have the Strategic Growth Plan, we can break it down into KPIs, targets, goals and a financial plan. We can then engage the whole company in launching and executing the plan. 

My work in this area has had transformational impact please click the button to read about the Australian Manufacturing Company I worked with for six years.

Boosting Sales Team Results

As a business coach, I often get this call to action: "Sales are flat, leads are down, the sales team is not hitting their KPIs, and we have tried everything." The first thing I tell my clients is, "We are going to sort this."

This is the plan to build sales sustainably

  1. Undertake a complete audit.

  2. Review customer feedback

  3. Analyse competition

  4. Establish PESTLE

  5. Refocus marketing and MQL generation

  6. Agree on the sales plan

  7. Train staff

  8. Agree on a sales management system and plan

  9. Establish visible targets and reporting.

  10. Establish accountability structure

  11. Announce incentives and penalties

  12. Enact the plan with a huge amount of energy and tweak

This area of my work is really satisfying.

Chairman of the Board
Non-Executive Director

I have chaired 107 company boards and acted as a non-executive director in a further 50+ companies. Specifically, I focus on;

  • Accountability

  • Strategy

  • Governance

  • Growth Plans

  • Risk Management

  • Leadership Capacity

  • Problem-Solving

  • Delivering value

  • Capacity Building Board Members

  • Reporting styles

  • Board Alignment

You can not grow a business unless the board is secure.

Leadership Training

I am an experienced leader and business coach who can significantly enhance your company's leadership through tailored strategies and expertise. With a proven track record in many industries, I bring a wealth of knowledge in leadership development, strategic planning, and organisational transformation. He can work with your business to identify key leadership challenges and opportunities, providing customised coaching and mentoring to develop effective leadership skills across all levels of your organization.

My approach includes comprehensive assessments to understand your current leadership landscape, followed by designing and implementing bespoke training programs to foster a culture of innovation, accountability, and continuous improvement.


By leveraging my extensive network and real-world experience, I can offer invaluable insights and practical solutions to navigate complex business environments, ultimately driving performance and achieving sustainable growth. Working closely with the business owner I will empower your leaders to inspire and lead with confidence, transforming your business into a dynamic and resilient organization.

Family Business

Open Laptop_edited.jpg

Running a successful growth business can be tough, and working with your family can be challenging. However, a family can also bring significant strength and resilience to a successful business. 

Pain points can be;

  • Role clarity

  • Accountability

  • Performance

  • Communication

  • Forward Plans

  • Risk Management

  • Being exit ready

  • Destructive Family Dynamics

I have 15 years experience of resolving these issues with family and shareholders.

HR Consultancy

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), I have spent many years driving the people productivity I support companies with:

  • 25 years experience in senior HR roles

  • Practical advice to boost employee engagement

  • 360 feedback tools for leaders and sales

  • Organisational redesign

  • People Growth Pains

  • Support to make tough decisions

  • Cost-effective recruitment

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