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My System For Accelerated Growth

After selling my business in 2015 my focus now is to help other business owners and senior leaders build and expand their businesses. I have been able to help many companies achieve what I call Accelerated Growth. In some cases this may mean smashing through the glass ceiling. In other companies this may mean taking the company international. Recently I have supported the launch of new products, entering new markets, increasing the effectiveness of the sales team or tendering for significant contracts. Some of my customers have grown 98% within the year. Others have won a years business in three weeks. But I can not make promises about what is possible for you and your business until I have had the chance to undertake a deep dive under the skin of your company, but the sky is the limit. 


However this is not for everyone as it requires a lot of input from each member of the business, especially the leaders, I believe this is where I am able to add great value, as I have been through the process many times before and I know what to look out for. This gives great comfort to those business owners and senior leaders as they are not alone and they know they will achieve Accelerated Growth. 

Will you?

Future work

Each year I look to take help three new clients who feel they are ready for my support to guide them through accelerated growth. If you think that you and your company are ready then contact me for a introductory phone call to help me better understand your business and the goals and objectives you have set.


Defend The Core

The most important step to take when you want to accelerate the growth of your business is to defend the core. Protect the goose who is laying the golden eggs. This is not very glamorous but it focuses upon doing all the normal jobs in a most fantastic way. Customer service, sales, marketing, communications, inspiring the teams, proactively seeking customer feedback, premises, logistics, stock holding, supplier development, operations, finance and planning. Before we can grow your business into new areas we have to be able to Defend The Core.

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Develop Adjacent Markets

Once you have Defended the Core now we are ready to develop into adjacent markets. These adjacent markets can be found nuzzled up into your core business. They will be close to serve, an extension of a product or service or utilise existing networks. They will require little additional capital or risk to secure additional revenue and profit. 

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Big Hairy Audacious Goals BHAG's

Once you have secured the business by Defending the Core and you have Developed into Adjacent Markets, your business will be secure, growing and generating additional profits. Now we can take some of these additional profits to speculate on a number of Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). They are by definition bigger, uglier and more risky. Strong planning and project management can land huge rewards. 

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