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Previous Work

Roy Newey Growth Partnerships helps all businesses not only reach, but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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Reignite Your USP's

The company had been trading for 42 years, the USPs were no longer unique. The company and leadership were tired. We developed a plan to reinvigorate the leadership team, reengage with customers, innovate new USPs based on customer insights. We pumped energy and accountability into the sales team alongside new skills and technology. Sales growth was accelerated and profits sustained.

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

The company had traded moderately successfully for 18 years although growth had been flat. Confused the leadership team bounced from one potential solution to another. Disappointment and a lack of accountability drove a blame game. A process of listening to customers to reestablish an understanding of their pain points and the prioritisation of innovative products led to a significant uplift in profitable sales

Family Businesses 

The founders wanted to hand the business over to thin next generation. However, it was not as easy to let go as they had imagined. The next generation needed leadership development to build the confidence in the founders. We established leadership coaching, a business plan, clear KPIs, accountability structures, risk mitigation and a set of agreed principles to facilitate the handover. The business thrived under the energy and leadership of the next generation and the founders moved into a comfortable retirement.

What Customers Think

Ronnie Crawford

"Roy Newey is always an inspiration! Having worked closely onmany projects including Executive Business Coaching, Roy neverfails to impress with his level of creativity and ideas. This has lead to outstanding business growth with our clients. A unique, open, trusting relationship that will always be there! Thanks Roy"

Stephen Kinghorn-Pery

"Been doing some coaching and mentoring with Roy. A great rewarding experience. Roy succeeds in getting the balance, between providing support to build confidence and cajole to keep momentum going, just right. Always comes up with new insightful ideas, listens, interprets and puts things into perspective."

Adrian Fowler

"Roy Newey has had a very positive impact on our business and elements of my personal development. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend Roy to any business that wants to achieve the following: 1. Clarify your business structure and create accountability. 2. Challenge the status quo and bring life and energy to the business 3. Support and coach key members of staff I will be forever grateful for the way Roy has enlighten me as to many aspects of business and brought about change for the better." 

Case Studies

Looking Back

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St Georges House, Windsor Castle

I have been attending St Georges House within Windsor Castle since 1993, it is a very special place to unpack your thoughts and elevate your leadership. I was delighted to be invited to take on the role of a founding Leadership Fellow and support the work of the house. I have led many sessions at St Georges House with a focus on accountability, leadership, technology, trust and growth. The international businesses who attended my sessions were able to develop a step change in their growth as a result of this investment.

Sales & Marketing Alignment 

The company had a good quality product but the marketing and sales teams were not aligned and the whole business lacked energy. Bringing the sales and marketing teams together, developing an aligned plan and driving vigorous execution made a huge impact on sales which increase by 98%. This new threshold of sales was built upon in subsequent years. 

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Structure Form and Governance

This company has trade for 41 years. As a family business the structure was loose and many roles were overlapping. Waste, duplication and confusion cost shareholders dearly. We agreed to clarify all team members roles, refine reporting lines, develop the leadership of the senior team and facilitate a business plan. Establishing board and governance structures enabled appropriate accountability and the business accelerated its growth and sustained profits whilst benefiting from the string structures.

Companies I work for

Current & Past


TATA Consultancy Services 

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Intercontinental Hotels Group



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