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International work

Clients can tap into my extensive international experience and networks to launch an international extension of their business or to source new innovative products and suppliers

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Image by JJ Ying
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Taking Your Business International

Our client had achieved market saturation in the UK. Future accelerated growth could only be achieved by expanding the geographical territories globally. We undertook a scoping exercise, feasibility studies, in country visits, tendering, securing in country teams to deliver contracts. This expansion into 15 countries led to accelerated growth for the whole company.

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Switching Sourcing from China to India

We approached this project carefully due to  the sensitivity. Our client had been sourcing products from China for many years. However, a company policy decision required these products to be sourced from an alternative market. Utilising my extensive knowledge of the Indian market (250 in country  visits) I was able to identify robust capable suppliers who exceeded my clients expectation on quality, certification, cost and service. 

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A Story of Success

Clients often approach Roy Newey Growth Partnerships with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. The client wanted to explore the international market via a group of global distributors. We undertook a process of distributor assessment, contracting, business planning, target setting, performance management and commercialisation. The established network of 12 global distributors now supports the UK operation and has boosted growth significantly. 

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Impact this work had

Not only did the international work I did have a profound impact on accelerated growth and sustainable profitability of my clients company but they also experienced a strong increase in brand awareness in the UK and reduced costs across the group through the sharing of international best practice..

What I learned

When the need is correctly identified, a plan is established, the best team is brought together, clarity is shared about the objectives, trusted parties are engaged then International markets can offer an acceleration to your business. 

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