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My Books

I am aware it easy to read the latest growth book, pick up some tips  and think, that is enough to secure our growth. However it the critical step is to put these lessons into practice. Therefore to ensure you get the most out of each book I have created a book club. Each month I will spend time with you to implement the lessons from these books into your business. If you want to get the most out of the book then join me and hundreds of other business owners and leaders each month to discuss how we can grow together.

Each book is targeted as a different aspect of the journey you will encounter in the pursuit of Growth

Ready, Set, Grow!

I am very excited to share my latest book called Ready, Set, Grow! This book contains 12 chapters each with my top ten tips for business owners and senior leaders who are looking to grow their business and experience hyper growth like me. In effect then it took me forty years in total to write this book as I have drawn from all my experience. I have encountered many successes as a result of finding solutions to problems that you inevitably will encounter whilst running a successful business and I just hope that I can share these solutions with yourself so that you too achieve the same level of growth I did.

Ready, Set, Grow! Audiobook coming soon!
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