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Book Club

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

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Book Club

Are you ready to grow?

I have developed a smart way to benefit from the best business books in the world. 


Every month we come together to listen to a 12 minute audio summary of the key points, accompanied by a video.

I then facilitate a group discussion on the highlights before we split into small groups online to debate. Finally we come back together to share the key learning points. The book club is a power packed 60 minutes once a month.

Image by Erik Eastman

We will help you by

Reviewing the best business books

Each month new will review a well know business/leadership book

12 Minute audios

Each book will be presented in a 12 minute audio executive summary

60 Minute webinar

We will review the book, discuss the key issues and debate it with peers

Action plan

At the end of each book you will develop an individual action plan

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